Western Governors pass resolutions on Endangered Species Act, Energy and Transmission, Wildland Fire Management and other issues

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Some 400 people concerned about the issues facing the West attended the recent Western Governors' Association 2013 Annual Meeting in Park City, Utah.

The Western Governors discussed education, energy, public lands and other issues in a variety of sessions and eected Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper as Chairman and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval as Vice Chair.

The governors also adopted nine bipartisan resolutions on. Western Governors welcome your input on these issues and other ideas to make government more efficient and effective, to improve the regional economy and to preserve the quality of life in the West.

Review and download all resolutions approved by Western Governors at the 2013 Annual Meeting or click on any of the headings below to download individual resolutions.

Endangered Species Act: Governors call on Congress and the Administration to reform ESA.

Federal-State Land Exchanges & Purchases: Urging Congress to simplify and streamline process for state and federal agencies to exchange public lands.

Combating Invasive Species: Call to better coordinate and prioritize the prevention and eradication of invasive plants and animals causing harm to our lands and waterways.

Wildland Fire Management: Request that Congress focus funding and federal policy on improving forest health and response to wildfires.

Energy & Transmission Policy: Outlines Western Governors' "10 Year Energy Vision" for the West.

Conserving Wildlife & Crucial Habitat: Governors' commitment to provide the public with easy access to data on crucial habitat and species to help guide responsible development.

Cleaning Up Abandoned Mines in the West: Request that Congress and the Administration provide new mechanisms and assurances to facilitate cleanup of abandoned mines in the West.

National Minerals Policy: Call on Congress, in consultation with the states, to develop a National Minerals Policy.

Farm Bill and Western Agriculture: Imploring Congress to pass a new Farm Bill to provide long-term certainty for farmers and ranchers in the West.

These resolutions join those previously approved by Western Governors in 2011 and 2012. Find them here.