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The WGA Mission

The Western Governors' Association represents the Governors of 19 Western states and 3 U.S.-flag islands. The association is an instrument of the Governors for bipartisan policy development, information exchange and collective action on issues of critical importance to the Western United States.

2016 Annual Report for About PageEstablished in 1984 through the merger of two Governors' organizations, the Western Governors' Association (WGA) provides strong multistate leadership in an era of critical change in the economy and demography of the West. WGA helps Western Governors to:

Develop and Promote Sound Public Policy

WGA is an instrument of the Governors to formulate bipartisan, consensus-based policy positions and to realize those policies through strategic advocacy and implementation.

Exchange Information and Identify Best Practices

WGA provides an effective platform for Governors' to discuss common challenges and opportunities, share ideas and examine issues of common interest.

Collect Data and Perform Quality Research

Western Governors, recognizing that reliable data forms the foundation of sound policy, turn to WGA for superior policy reports, issue briefs and other research products.

Educate the Public, Opinion Leaders and Other Policymakers

Utilizing multiple media and mechanisms, WGA aggressively promotes the positions, priorities and accomplishments of Western Governors.